Five ME Students Get Into the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program


Midshipmen Jonathan Valeri (ME '09) and Matt Kelly (MFG '10)
Midshipmen Jonathan Valeri (ME '09) and Matt Kelly (MFG '10)

Five Mechanical Engineering students in the ROTC program have been accepted into the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program, the academically most rigorous and technically demanding program offered by the military.

Seniors Mark Johnson (ME) and Jonathan Valeri (ME) chose submarines as their number one choice for the Service Selection within the Navy. Midshipman Valeri originally considered aviation, but a recruiting trip to Pearl Harbor last fall convinced him to pursue submarines.

Juniors Matt Kelly (MFG), Justin Tworek (MFG), and Sterling Worth (ME) were chosen to apply early for the program. Like the seniors, they travelled to Washington D.C. for a rigorous two-step interview process. The first step was an oral qualifying examination. The second step was a challenging interview by Admiral Kirkland Donald, the third highest ranking officer in the Navy.

This fall, Johnson and Valeri will attend the Naval Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina, where they will take graduate-level courses in Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering. They will become submarine officers operating nuclear-powered naval ships. Kelly, Tworek, and Worth will join them upon graduation and commissioning in 2010.

Captain Curt Stevens of the Boston NROTC Consortium is proud of these students’ accomplishments and said that, “Their selection for the nuclear propulsion program not only says a lot about their academic abilities, but reflects well on the outstanding engineering programs at Boston University.”