It Really Is Rocket Science – BU Today Highlights ECE Student Involved in the Boston University Nanosatellite Program


The work of ECE undergrad Fabio Malangone (CSE ’09) was recently highlighted as part of BU Today‘s ongoing series of articles on Boston University Nanosatellite Program.

More than 60 undergraduates are designing and building BU’s entry in the University Nanosatellite Program, a competition sponsored by the U.S. Air Force. The plan is for the BU satellite to hover over the aurora borealis (the northern lights). The measurements and images taken by the satellite are intended to test and enhance an existing computer model of these auroras, as part of an effort to better predict space weather that can damage spacecraft electronics and disrupt communication networks such as pagers and cell phones.

Malangone is working with the ground support equipment team. Its task: to inspect, test, calibrate, adjust, and repair every system that will come together in the nanosatellite. To read more, check out “It Really Is Rocket Science” on the BU Today website.