ECE Alumnus Helps Bring Video Games Into the Next Generation

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Who knew a BU ECE education could help you get a fun job at one of today’s hottest video game development companies?

Underneath the shiny black facade of Sony’s new PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game system lies some revolutionary hardware that pushes gaming realism to exciting, new, and extraordinarily life-like levels. As any gamer can tell you, however, it’s not necessarily the promise of breathtaking graphics capabilities and unprecedented power that spell success for a new console — it’s how good its games are.

Former ECE student Peter McNerney (B.S. Computer Systems ’00, M.S. Electrical Engineering ’03) and the company he works for, Insomniac Games, are among the driving forces behind the latest generation of top-quality video games. With mega-hits such as the Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clankseries as well as the well-received PS3 first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Mancounted among the credits in their remarkable portfolio, Peter and Insomniac are leading the way in today’s complex game development industry.

For more information about Insomniac Games and the challenges they have met developing for the PS3, please read the December 2006 IEEE Spectrum article.