Chiu and Pu Receive 2007 ECE Prize


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) congratulates Shihchin “Matt” Chiu and Yirong Pu (advised by Prof. Allyn Hubbard), winners of the 2007 ECE Prize. The $500 cash prize, established to encourage advanced ECE student research, recognizes cutting-edge work that demonstrates significant potential for the future benefit of society.

A panel of judges decides the winner of the ECE Prize each year on ECE Day, the culminating Department event held at the end of the academic year. It is awarded to the graduate student(s) whose research poster receives the highest ratings in Scientific or Engineering Innovation, Electrical and Computer Engineering Relevance, Promise of Future Impact, Societal Implications, and Exhibitor’s Presentation. This year’s top poster was entitled “DSP Implementation of a Biomimetic Acoustic Localizing System.”

ECE technologies are critical to the development of virtually every field of science, technology, and medicine. From electronic instrumentation used for environmental monitoring and automated control systems to computer modeling for economics, weather, and security, ECE research and developments are essential to broad areas of inquiry and contributions to human knowledge and welfare.