First Annual CISE Graduate Student Research Award: Science & Technology Day 2004


The Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) launched their First Annual Poster Awards event at the Science and Technology Day 2004. All students working with CISE affiliated faculty were eligible.

The posters were judged by Professors John Baillieul (AME), Christos Cassandras (MFG) and Ari Trachtenberg (ECE) on the following criteria: quality of the poster, quality of the research, and the extent of student ownership in the research. Awards were announced on Friday March 26 at the regular Friday CISE Seminar, this week also including a pizza lunch to celebrate! First prize was $125 cash award and there were three Honorable Mentions (see below).

Below, Wei Li is accepting the First Prize for his entry “Controlling Teams of Cooperating Uninhabited Autonomous Vehicles Using a Receding Horizon Approach Student”. Wei’s advisor is Professor Christos Cassandras.

Honorable Mention awards were given to:
Brynmor Davis
Brynmor Davis, #139 Relaxing Scanning Requirements by Using Multi-Wavelength Measurements in Interferometric Fluorescence Microscopy. Bryn’s advisors are Professors W. C. Karl (CISE affiliated advisor), B Goldberg, M. Selim Unlu and A. Swan. (Brynmor pictured here with Prof Caramanis)

Brynmor Davis
Ning Duanmu, #109 Advanced Control of Czochralski Crystal Growth for Manufacturing Next Generation Semiconductor Materials. Ning’s advisor is Prof Gevelber. (Ning, on the left, pictured here with Bing Xu)

Brynmor DavisXiaoyi Wu. #51 A Feedback Control Defense Strategy for Denial of Service Computer Attacks. Xiaoyi’s advisor is Professor Cassandras Cassandras. (Xiaoyi pictured here, on left, with Haining Yu

The other CISE entries were:

#47 Real-time management of communication networks using perturbation analysis and stochastic flow models
Students: Haining Yu and Gang Sun
Advisor: C. Cassandras

#91 Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) Enable Enhanced Coordination and Control of Supply Chains
Student: Ben Wu, Osman Anli (Post-Doc)
Advisors: Y.Paschalidis, M. Caramanis

#110 In-Flight Particle Measurement and Torch Non-Linearity Analysis for Plasma Spray Real-Time Control System Design
Students: Chenhuan Cui, Brian Vattiat
Advisors: M. Gevelber, S.Basu, D. Wroblewski

# 111 Improving rate control for E-beam evaporated optical coatings
Student: Bing Xu
Advisor: M. Gevelber

#136 On Maximizing the Utility of Uplink Transmissions in Sensor Networks under Explicit Fairness Constraints
Student: Wei Lai
Advisors: Y. Paschalidis and D. Starobinski

#157 Optimal Amplifier Placement for WDM Optical Networks
Student: Ye Tao
Advisor: JQ HU

#162 Sensor Networks: Local Vs Global Information Processing
Students: Shuchin Aeron, Onur Savas
Advisor: V. Saligrama