ENG, BME Move Up in US News’ Grad Programs Rankings


     The College of Engineering continues to advance its standing among the nation’s top engineering graduate programs, as rated by US News & World Report. The College now ranks 41st in the nation and its biomedical engineering program is rated 6th in the nation by the magazine, which released its 2008 list of top graduate programs on Friday.
    For several consecutive years now the College of Engineering has moved up in the rankings among graduate engineering programs in the country. Like the College as a whole, Biomedical Engineering rose one place in the ratings this year. To date, the magazine has released only the top 10 graduate programs in each of its selected engineering disciplines.
    “We are careful not to tailor our programs to these types of rankings,” said ENG Dean Kenneth R. Lutchen. “Instead, we focus on initiatives that add to our excellence and impact. The rankings will follow. The US News ranking is one of many indictors that show we are among the best engineering programs in the country and are getting better.”
    Lutchen said a number of factors have contributed to the rise in the rankings, chief among them faculty productivity, and faculty and student quality.
    “We are among just 21 engineering schools with research expenditures per faculty member above $500,000,” he added. “Our faculty is attracting research support from the nation’s premier funding agencies, and the impact our faculty is having on engineering innovation has a ripple effect that enhances our educational mission at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Clearly, the emphasis the College has been placing on recruiting and developing faculty is bearing fruit.”
    Lutchen noted that the US News survey measures only a handful of criteria and does not reflect many of the College’s strengths. “Still, we have to be aware of this list’s disproportionate impact on the decision-making processes of potential students and their parents,” Lutchen said. “In a sense, being on this list serves to prompt the best students to take a closer look at us. When they do, I’m confident they will like what they see.”
    The rankings will be featured in the magazine’s April 9 edition, which will be available on newsstands April 2. A separate guidebook of graduate programs will be available April 3.