Graduate Programs Jump to US News’ Top 50


The College of Engineering has risen in the ranks. U.S. News & World Report has rated the College’s graduate programs at 42nd in the nation — a jump of 10 places over last year’s ranking.

The annual report, “America’s Best Graduate Schools 2007,” also ranked the College for the strength of its specializations. The Department of Biomedical Engineering moved out of a tie with MIT into seventh place alone, its third consecutive year in the top 10.

“The College of Engineering has been working to steadily improve the educational experience of its students and the quality of its research and faculty, and this jump in the ranking validates these efforts,” said Solomon R. Eisenberg, dean ad interim of the College. “The quality of our graduate students has been rising and external funding that supports our faculty’s research is at record levels. This most recent ranking is evidence that we are on the right track.”

Other departments earned recognition, as well: In computer engineering, the College tied with Dartmouth at 52nd place; it ranked 51st for electrical/electronics engineering, as well as mechanical engineering.

“While we don’t place too much emphasis on the US News rankings, they are nonetheless used by prospective students when deciding which university to attend,” said Eisenberg. “Breaking into the top 50 is especially welcome because the printed edition of this ranking sold on newsstands includes only the top 50 schools.”

Last year, the College’s graduate programs ranked 52nd in the survey. Boston University now joins Harvard and MIT as the only Massachusetts engineering programs in the US News top 50.