Second Annual CISE Graduate Student Research Award: Science & Engineering Day 2005


The Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) launched their Second Annual Poster Awards event at Science and Engineering Day 2005. All students working with CISE affiliated faculty were eligible.

The posters were judged by Professors Hua Wang(AME), J.Q. Hu (MFG), Murat Alanyali (ECE), and Ibrahim Matta (CS) on the following criteria: quality of the poster, quality of the research, and the extent of student ownership in the research. Awards were announced on Friday March 26 at the regular Friday CISE Seminar, this week also including a pizza lunch to celebrate! First prize was $200 cash award and there were three $100 Honorable Mention Awards (see below).

Below, Yang Shen is accepting the First Prize for his entry “A Semi-definite Programming based Underestimation Method for Global Optimization in Molecular Docking”. Yang’s advisor is Professor Ioannis Paschalidis.

Honorable Mention awards were given to:

Brynmor Davis Yonggang Shi, #12 Fast Level Sets Without Solving PDEs
Yonggang’s advisor is Prof. Karl

Brynmor Davis
X. Ning and W. Li
, #32 Vision Enabled Closed-Loop Wireless Mobile Robot Control Platform
Advisors are Prof. H. Wang, J. Baillieul and C. Cassandras.

Brynmor Davis

Mina Guirguis, #108 Exploiting the Transients of Adaptation for RoQ Attacks on Internet Systems.
Mina’s advisors are Prof. A. Bestavros and I. Matta
The other CISE entries were:

#14 Global Effects of Local Transmission Strategies in Multihop Wireless Networks
Student: Saikat Ray
Advisor: D. Starobinski

#15 Receding Horizon Control for a Class of Discrete Event Systems with Real-Time Constraints
Student: Lei Miao
Advisor: C. Cassandras

#17 Utilizing Out-of-Focus Light in Confocal Microscopy
Student: Brynmor J. Davis
Advisor: W. Karl

#26 Asymptotically Optimal Transmission Policies for Large-Scale Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks
Student: Wei Lai
Advisor: Y. Paschalidis

#36 Optimal Dynamic Voltage Scaling for Real-Time Systems with (m,k)-Firm Guarantee
Student: Shixin Zhuang
Advisor: C. Cassandras

#60 Fast Information Propagation in Vehicular Networks
Student: Ashish Agarwal
Advisor: T. Little

#65 Data-Rate Problems in Code-Based Control of Motions
Student: Keyong Li
Advisor: J. Baillieul

#69 Elevator Dispatching as a Hybrid System Control Problem
Student: Kirk Wesselowski
Advisor: C. Cassandras

#84 Disjoint Identifying Codes for an Arbitrary Graph
Student: Moshe Laifenfeld
Advisor: A. Trachtenberg

#107 Friendly Virtual Machines: Leveraging a Feedback-Control Model for Application Adaptation
Students: Yuting Zhang and Mina Guirguis
Advisors: A. Bestavros, I. Matta, R. West

#110 Boundary and Contour map Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Student: Niky Riga
Advisors: A. Bestavros, I. Matta

#115 Statistical Traffic Anomaly Detection: A Large Deviations Approach
Students: Georgios Smaragdakis and Maria Konte
Advisor: Y. Paschalidis

#156 Topology Formulation for Wireless Networks with Reconfigurable Bidirectional Links
Student: Thomas John Vitolo
Advisor: J.Q. Hu