Sustainable Cities Initiative

Boston Skyline

To address the challenge of the sustainability of urban ecosystems, the Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI)  promotes multi-disciplinary research, education and practice across and beyond Boston University.

Our Goals are to:

    • generate knowledge that influences policy and advances science and new technologies
    • Reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint
    • educate our students as “global citizens”, and to develop and deploy innovative solutions

Our Objectives are to:

    • Improve the efficiency and enhance resiliency of the energy infrastructure
    • Effect a paradigm shift in consumer behavior
    • Leverage availability of ubiquitous cyber-intelligence

    Key to our success are the partnerships we are creating among academia, industry, government and citizens around the world.  Initial efforts will be focused on energy and the environment. Review the Sustainable Cities Overview (ppt presentation).

    Learn about the Sustainable Neighborhood Living Lab, where the SCI implements its mission to improve the quality of life in Boston’s neighborhoods