Smarter Cities: A Roadmap for the Future – March 13, 2013

Over 150 people gathered to participate in a forum on next steps cities could take to improve the quality of life for citizens. Speakers and panelists from IBM, BU and the City of Boston shared their vision about the potential for Smarter Cities. With Boston as the backdrop for the event, panelists discussed ways to improve the efficiency of cities using “big data.”

“Yesterday’s event was fantastic. The speakers and their content brought together industry, government, and academia in a unique fashion that was both inspiring and powerful.” – R. Rio, ARC Advisory Group

“To makes things work, to deal with these challenges, you have to make things visible, and you make them visible with data,”
Jurij Paraszczak (IBM).

“We need a sustainable infrastructure to maintain all these efforts by academia, the government and the private sector,”
Christos Cassandras (BU). “This is the only way we can make smarter cities happen.”

“If we want to do more and achieve more, we need to collaborate more,” – Devin Quirk (City of Boston).

The event was hosted by Boston University, the City of Boston and IBM.

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