Smart Lighting for Neighborhood Safety and Building Management

carscene2revised3Significant efforts are underway to reduce carbon emissions through the emerging technology of “smart lighting” –  solid-state devices: light-emitting diodes or LEDs, that offer massive energy savings, potential for improved health with higher quality lighting, and one more key feature: they can be used as communications devices. By simultaneously providing energy efficient smart lighting and high speed mobile data access, Smart Lighting will revolutionize both the lighting and telecommunications industries.

Traditional radio frequency (RF) based cellular networks are not equipped to handle the bandwidth demands of today’s mobile consumers. To address this challenge, an LED based general purpose lighting solution can serve the dual purpose as a high speed data access point. In outdoor environments, possible applications that impact the quality of life in the neighborhoods of Boston include control of auto/traffic signaling for safety and enabling communications where high noise interferes with WIFI.

For indoor environments, the LED will provide high performance mobile data access, an area where RF providers have struggled to penetrate and a primary medium where mobile consumers access the Internet. In addition to providing lighting and data access, LED based lighting systems offer considerable advantages in energy savings and controllability as well as opportunities for advanced home/building management and connection to smart grid applications.

For more information please visit the Smart Lighting website.