Sustainable Neighborhood Pilot Project

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The vision for the Sustainable Neighborhood is to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. A collaboration of BU, NSTAR, and strategic private sector partners, such as IBM and Schott Solar, the team is working with the Back Bay of Boston, and engaging all levels of the community.

SmartNeighborhood 2-_smProject Phase I: The first phase is studying utility and consumer data to understand how to begin to impact consumer behavior that can lead to lower energy use and lower energy costs. Faculty and students will collect data about neighborhood demographics as well as electricity time and quality of use.  With help from NSTAR to install specialized software and data loggers, data from “both sides of the meter” will be analyzed.  Correlating data from the “customer side of the meter” (e.g. making decisions to turn on the AC) with the “utility side of the meter” (needing to provide reliable service) provide opportunity to understand the intricate dependencies among various factors including infrastructure, behavior, use, service quality, costs and prices.

Future Phases: Future project phases will add, for example, solar power and electric plug-in vehicles, to study how to exploit the synergies of these technologies to yield a more effective infrastructure, resiliency, savings, and lower carbon footprint.  In addition, the Smart Neighborhood hopes to complement current efforts in building energy efficiency, historic preservation, and infrastructure integration with other city services such as water, transportation, etc.