Projects – Environmental Science, Policy & Economics

Labor Market Policy and Regulatory Performance

Professor David Weil focuses on Labor market policy and regulatory performance: public policy analysis and intervention; labor market policy; regulatory performance; industrial and labor relations policy; supply chain restructuring.

Regulation of Energy Markets

Professor Vogelsang has published sixteen books and monographs and many articles on public utility regulation, public enterprises, privatization and institutional problems in network industries. Among others, he has developed regulatory mechanisms that formed the basis for price caps. In recent years, his research interest in energy has focused on methods for regulating electricity transmission networks and the characterization of transmission cost functions.

Remote Sensing of the Environment

Using satellite images and other data from airborne and ground sensors to study the Earth and its resources, particularly groundwater. This includes the monitoring of environmental changes due to both natural processes and human activities. Applying remotely sensed data in geography and environmental studies play a key role in classifying tree species in the California forests; detecting changes due to agricultural practices in semi-arid regions worldwide; and identifying global changes in land cover and land use patterns. Change detection techniques were also used to map the detrimental effects of the burning of oil wells and the movement of heavy military vehicles on the desert surface of Kuwait due to the Gulf War of 1991.