Linda_Grosser_r3RGB_webLinda Grosser
Administrative Director, Sustainable Neighborhood Lab
Associate Director, Center for Information and Systems Engineering

As Administrative Director of the Sustainable Neighborhood Lab (SNL), Linda develops projects and collaborations among public and private sector partners that support Boston University’s multi-disciplinary, university-wide research and education initiative in Smart Cities.  Serving in part as a testbed for Smart Cities-related research, the SNL is a private sector-public sector-academic platform focused on urban sustainability.   Linda is also the Associate Director for the Center for Information and Systems Engineering, an interdisciplinary center focusing in complex systems engineering research and graduate education, with approximately $3 million in annual external funding which Linda has helped grow from inception in 2002. Linda manages industrial outreach for the BU portion of the National Science Foundation Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center. Linda is a 16-year veteran of IBM Corporation, where she worked in technical marketing and management in the insurance, manufacturing and federal government sectors. She holds BA in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University and is currently in the MBA program at Boston University’s School of Management.

15 St. Mary’s Street, Room 301A
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: (617) 358-1295
Email: lgrosser at

Staff DJDenise Joseph, Marketing and Communications
Denise manages the  marketing materials, websites and events for Sustainable Neighborhood Lab (SNL). Denise has a certificate  in marketing from Northeastern University’s School of Business Administration. She has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from Wesleyan University, CT.

15 St. Mary’s Street, Room 301B
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: (617) 358-5973
Mobile: (617) 875-6848
Email: dejoseph at