Maureen Raymo

raymoResearch Professor
Department of Earth Science
Member, Climate and Earth History Research Group
College of Arts and Sciences

PhD, Columbia University
(617) 353-4009

Research Interests:

  • Long term climate cycles

Courses Taught:

Brief Biography:

Maureen Raymo is a Research Professor in the Department of Earth Science in Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences.  She is also a member of BU’s Climate and Earth History Research Group.  She received her PhD from Columbia University in 1989.

Raymo studies the causes of climate change over Earth’s history, in particular the role played by the global carbon cycle and Earth’s orbital variations around the Sun. Most of her work is based on data collected from deep-sea sediment and microfossils recovered using the research vessel JOIDES Resolution. She uses the stable isotopes of oxygen and carbon to study past ocean circulation and ice volume history and is well known for her proposal that the cooling of global climate over the last 40 million years was caused primarily by enhanced chemical weathering and consumption of atmospheric CO2 in the mountainous regions of the world, especially in the Himalayas.