R. Glynn Holt

holtAssociate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
College of Engineering

PhD, University of Mississippi

(617) 353-9594

Research Interests:

  • Energy materials for hydrocarbon exploration

Courses Taught:

Brief Biography:

R. Glynn Holt is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering in Boston University’s College of Engineering.  He received his PhD from the University of Misssissippi.

Professor Holt’s research interests span a range of disciplines and involve physical acoustics, interfacial wave phenomena, nonlinear drop and bubble dynamics, and surface and bulk rheology. An experimentalist, he uses acoustic levitation as a non-contact probe of the behavior of free liquid surfaces. Some of his efforts are geared toward studying the effects of gravity on fluid problems, and he has been an investigator on liquid-drop experiments conducted on board the space shuttle.

Professor Holt is currently involved in three research projects: an investigation of bubble-mediated bioeffects of high-intensity focused ultrasound with potential clinical applications to tumor therapy and hemostasis (Army/NCPA); an investigation of the role gravity plays in sonoluminescence–the phenomenon in which short pulses of light are emitted by collapsing bubbles (NASA); and a project to explore the mechanical and acoustic behavior of aqueous foams near the order-disorder transition utilizing a unique acoustic levitation/modal analysis technique (NASA).

Professor Holt, a recipient of an Office of Naval Research Graduate Fellowship and a DAAD research fellowship in Germany, was selected by NASA as a payload specialist (alternate) crew member for the flight of the Second United States Microgravity Laboratory, which flew aboard the space shuttle Columbia in 1995.