Michael Gevelber

gevelberAssociate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Materials Process Control Laboratory
College of Engineering

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(617) 353-9693


Research Interests:

  • Development of advanced building HVAC commissioning tools
  • Improving material processing through process modeling
  • Sensor development
  • System and control design
  • Experimental verification
  • Real-time control projects include: plasma spray, CVD, e-beam deposition of optical coatings, and bulk crystal growth

Project Presentations:

Courses Taught:

ENG EK546 Assessment of Sustainable Energy Technologies
ENG MN345 Automated Manufacturing
ENG MN507 Process Modeling and Control

Brief Biography:

Michael Gevelber is an Associate Professor in Boston University’s Mechanical Engineering Department.   He has an undergraduate degree in Physics (1978) with honors from Brown University and a Masters (1984) and PhD (1988) from  M.I.T. in Mechanical Engineering. Professor Gevelber has lead over the last 3 years the first detailed energy audit for the Boston University’s Campus, which included identifying and implementing possible conservation options.  He serves on the Universities Sustainability Committee and co-chairs the universities energy working group.

Professor Gevelber’s engineering research focuses on developing  enhanced materials processing capabilities though modeling, sensor development, and integrated system and control design.  His research projects include modelling and control of ebeam deposition of optical coatings, plasma spray for thermal barrier and fuel cells,  electrospinning of nanofibers,  and bulk  Czochralski crystal growth.