Soumendra Basu

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Associate Division Head
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
College of Engineering

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(617) 353-6728

Research Interests:

  • High temperature fuel cell technologies
  • Advanced coatings for energy conversion efficiency improvements

Courses Taught:

ENG EK306 Materials Science
ENG MN531 Phase Transformations
ENG MN532 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
ENG EK408: Introduction to Clean Energy Generation and Storage Techologies

Brief Biography:

Professor Basu is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Associate Division Head of the Division of Materials Science at Boston University. He received his PhD in Materials Science from MIT in 1989. Professor Basu is a member of the Photonics Center at Boston University.

Professor Basu conducts research and teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of Materials. Dr. Basu’s research investigates the effects of processing on the structure and properties of environmental barrier and thermal barrier coatings, and photonic and electronic thin films. Of special interest is the study of the evolution of microstructure and defects in these materials, as well as the interfacial structure and stability of these coatings and thin films using electron microscopy techniques. Another area of research involves the study of degradation of materials at elevated temperatures in corrosive environments.