Lost and Unaccounted Natural Gas: Energy, Economics and Environment

Methane measurement

Methane concentration measurements in Boston displayed in Google Earth.

This project investigates the extensive natural gas leaks in Greater Boston which contribute to greenhouse warming with a potential cost of $2 billion per year in the U.S. These leaks have been implicated in the damage and mortality of the urban and suburban forest canopy. These studies include the ecology of interdependent infrastructure systems in rural, suburban and urban communities with proposals as how we can address these infrastructure problems.
For more information, visit:
Science Direct: Environmental Pollution
ULTRA-Ex: Metabolism of Boston research
BU Today’s Article: Boston’s Street-Level Gas Leaks: 3,300-Plus (12.07.12).

Boston University team:

  • Nathan Phillips, Earth and Environment, College of Arts and Science
  • Lucy Hutyra, Earth and Environment, College of Arts and Science


  • The Barr Foundation
  • Conservation Law Foundation
  • Gas Safety Inc.
  • Picarro


  • Metropolitan Boston