Sparking the Sustainable Neighborhood – Global Challenges Create Local Opportunities, June 17, 2011

On June 17, 2011 over 50 thought leaders from across academia, industry, government, and the neighborhoods gathered to hear from leading researchers at Boston University and share ideas on the opportunities and challenges to moving urban ecosystems toward increased sustainability. The word cloud above was created from each word chosen by participants to sum up their experience of the event. The meeting was hosted by Paul McManus, Executive Director, Sustainable Cities Initiative, Boston University.

Introduction: Sparking the Sustainable Neighborhood
Overview: The Sustainable Neighborhood Lab: A New Model for Research, Innovation & Action
Research in the Living Lab:
Metabolism  of Boston
Lucy Hutyra and Nathan Phillips – Dept of Geography and Environment, College of Arts and Sciences
Framework for Advanced Sustainable Building Design
Michael Caramanis and John Baillieul – Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Information and Systems Engineering, College of Engineering
Smart Lighting and Sustainability
Thomas Little – Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center, College of Engineering
Sustainability  by Changing Behavior: You Got an App for That?
Nitin Joglekar- School of Management
SNL Green Sticker
Robert Kaufmann –  Dept of Geography and Environment, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
Enabling Clean Energy Financing
Nalin Kulatilaka –  Professor of Finance, School of Management