Michael Caramanis

caramanisMichael Caramanis (BS Stanford U., MS and PhD Harvard U.) is Professor of Mechanical and Systems Engineering at Boston University’s College of Engineering. He has been principal investigator in Research projects sponsored by NSF, EPRI, NYSERDA and the Industry. His current research interests are in the area of production planning and control of complex manufacturing systems operating under uncertainty, Spot Pricing of Electricity and the Liberalization of Electricity Markets. He has authored many journal articles and is co-author of Spot Pricing of Electricity, Kluwer, 1988. From 2004 till recently he served as the chair of the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy and is currently focusing his research efforts on Energy Systems with particular emphasis on the creation of cyber-infrastructure-based real-time markets that are capable of utilizing load management to create value from positive synergies with significant penetration of clean energy technological breakthroughs. Wind generation, distributed storage and roof-top Photovoltaics, and last but not least Hybrid Electric Vehicles, are amongst these mutually reinforcing technologies.