Graduate Programs

Boston University offers graduate and undergraduate coursework in the fields of clean energy and environmental sustainability.

Home to a diverse internationally known professors, innovative students and unparalleled research centers and laboratories, current graduate education offerings in energy related fields include:

A new concentration in Energy Technologies and Environmental Engineering will enable College of Engineering undergraduates to better position themselves for careers in one of the signature engineering fields of the coming decades. The new concentration will give more undergraduates greater access to innovative technologies in alternative energy and environmental sustainability being developed by College of Engineering faculty researchers.

The concentration in Energy Technologies and Environmental Engineering is designed to easily allow engineering students to acquire a basic understanding of the environmental impacts of various energy generation and utilization technologies and design environmentally sustainable engineering systems. The concentration in Energy Technologies and Environmental Engineering can be earned by any student within the College of Engineering.

Doctoral Programs

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research topics in photovoltaics, solid state lighting,  cyber-infrastructure

Computer Science

Research topics in safety and security of smart grid

Materials Science and Engineering

Research topics in fuel cells, CO2 sequestration,  advanced coatings for energy efficiency, novel materials for hydrogen storage

Mechanical Engineering

Research topics in ocean wave energy

Systems Engineering

Research topics  in networked systems for smart grid, cyber-security, contract design for new markets, power market design

Masters Programs

Geography and Environment