IBM and BU Set the Stage for Neighborhood Transformation in Boston

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September 11th, 2012

Article by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Making a Difference

IBM doesn’t officially have a “Smart Neighborhood” program, although it has an initiative to support “Smart Buildings” and “Smarter Cities.”  Nevertheless, IBM’s work in Boston in conjunction with Boston University’s Sustainable Neighborhood Laboratory delves directly into the granular aspects of community living on a building-by-building, or “system-by-system” neighborhood basis.  BU’s cross-discipline Sustainable Neighborhood Lab is driving community dialog and helping to find suitable contacts interested in leveraging the power of IBM’s Intelligent Building Management virtual appliance (see IBM Brings Advanced Analytics its Intelligent Building Management Virtual Appliance, EMA, June 2011).  This brings IBM into face-to-face conversations with neighborhood building managers seeking to monitor, optimize and define energy exposures for their investments.

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