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Podcast 6: The Relationship Between Inflammation, Arthritis, and Nutrition

October 4th, 2012 in "Active Living with Arthritis" Podcasts, News Feed



In response to your requests, Dr. Kristin Baker, PhD in Nutrition Science and ENACT investigator, talks about how our diets affect inflammation in the body



mid section view of a woman cutting vegetables

This month’s release is, “ The Relationship Between Inflammation, Arthritis, and Nutrition” (length 12:08)

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Next month’s topic is: “The Relationship Between Inflammation, Arthritis and Nutrition”

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Introducing the “Active Living with Arthritis” Podcast Series

April 30th, 2012 in "Active Living with Arthritis" Podcasts, News Feed


Click the links below to learn about living actively with arthritis!

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Dr. Julie Keysor, ENACT Center Director


Listen in as Dr. Julie Keysor introduces the ENACT podcast series (length 4:57)

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Dr. Karen Jacobs and Sara Crandall at work recording the podcast sessions

Podcast 1: Top Ten Reasons to Exercise with Arthritis (length 7:30)

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