Physical Activity and Exercise

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CDC Arthritis and Physical Activity Page is a resource listing practical strategies and expert guidelines for people with arthritis to incorporate activity into their lives

CDC Recommended Arthritis Exercise Programs for public health campaigns. Community-based and self-management programs recommended by the CDC to help people cope with arthritis.

Fight Arthritis Pain

Fight Arthritis Pain is an AF website dedicated to assisting individuals manage their arthritis. Keeping active and losing weight are among the ways that you can fight OA pain. This website uses text, videos and other tools to help people to manage their pain, get moving, and get healthy.

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Link to the Arthritis Foundation Programs website. This website contains general information about arthritis, health tips, research information, events listings and many other resources. It includes a local information link allowing users to find out about programs in their communities.

Osteoarthritis Action Alliance logoThe Osteoarthritis (OA) Action Alliance is a national coalition of concerned organizations mobilized by the Arthritis Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This coalition is committed to elevating OA as a national health priority and promoting effective policy solutions that aim to address the individual and national toll of OA. In addition, the OA Action Alliance, with the public health community, is working to ensure people with OA have the access, skills and capacity to benefit from effective and proven interventions.

Exercise program logoArthritis Foundation Exercise Training – forthcoming in 2012/13. This program provides training for those intending to lead exercise programs in their communities.