ENACT has compiled a comprehensive, evidence-based list of local and national programs and resources for people with arthritis or other rheumatic conditions, rehabilitation professionals,  and researchers and future researchers.  In this section, you will find links to resources built by ENACT as well as expert information from national organizations.  Check back with us as ENACT continues to build this resource area and follow ENACT on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Arthritis Information This section contains an overview of the impact of arthritis in the US today on participation in daily tasks, including employment, and the benefits of physical activity.  You will also find a glossary of useful terms to help you make sense of the information available and to help you communicate with your medical team.

Tools for People with Arthritis –  Physical activity can be your best tool for taking control of your arthritis!  In this section you’ll find links to websites by the Arthritis Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control, and other groups outlining why and how people with arthritis can benefit from activity. Click here for these resources and more!

Active Living with Arthritis Podcast Series – Easy-to-access recordings in our Podcast Series contain useful information for incorporating activity into daily life.

Tools for Health  Providers and Researchers –  As a leading cause of disability in the US, arthritis can greatly affect our daily lives. Rehabilitation professionals are uniquely positioned to positively impact people living with the challenges arthritis can present. This section includes resources to share with your patients; educational resources like webinars, scientific publications and presentations; instruments developed by ENACT experts; and national arthritis policy agendas from leading health organizations. Click here for the full provider page.

Webinar Archive – Free, archived presentations from international experts in the field of rheumatological rehabilitation.  Topics include work disability, p-values in disability research, the public health impact of arthritis and more!

Instruments – This section includes measurement tools and assessments developed by ENACT faculty, including the Home and Community Environment Survey (HACE) and Work Experience Survey for Persons with Rheumatic Conditions (WES-RC).

National Policy Agendas – The increasing prevalence of arthritis is bringing attention to the population impact of arthritis. In this section, find several policy agendas created to respond to this concern from national organizations like the Arthritis Foundation and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Disclaimer: Boston University, through its ENACT program, is providing the resources on this site for informational purposes only. We are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse or investigate any of the organizations or services listed. Each person must determine for him or herself whether the services or programs listed here are right for that individual. Use of the information provided on this site is at your own risk.  Since the conditions and methods of the information or sites referred to herein are beyond our control, Boston University and ENACT expressly disclaim any and all liability as to any results obtained or arising from any use of the resources listed or reliance on such information.  Resources listed in this web tool are not intended to be legal, medical or other expert advice or services, and should not be used in place of consultation with appropriate professionals. The information provided is intended to be accurate and helpful, but it should not be considered exhaustive.