April 30 Consumer Forum

ENACT and the Arthritis Foundation hosted a very well received Consumer Forum on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at The People’s Baptist Church, 830 Tremont, Roxbury. It ran from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. The Forum was entitled, “ARTHRITIS VS. YOU: WHO’S WINNING?” and was intended to provide information to people with arthritis and their families and friends.

Alveta Haynes talks at the consumer forumAlveta Haynes

On Saturday, April 30th the Massachusetts Arthritis Foundation and ENACT sponsored a Consumer Forum titled “Arthritis vs. You: Who’s Winning?” at the Peoples Baptist Church (PBC) in Roxbury. Alveta Haynes from the Boston University School of Health and a member of PBC kicked off the forum, along with Reverend Jean-Luc Charles of PBC who provided an invocation, and some audience members who led the group in a song. Forty members of the public attended the event.

Michael S. Thompson talks at the Consumer Forum

Dr. Michael S. Thompson

The first speaker, Dr. Michael S. Thompson, MD, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon at Lahey Clinic with a specialization in joint replacement surgery, presented “Treatments of Arthritis of the Hip and Knee,” which included an overview of arthritis and a detailed discussion of joint replacement surgery. Audience members had a chance to look at actual joint replacements.

Maura Daly Iverson talks at the Consumer ForumDr. Maura Iversen

The next speaker, Dr. Maura Iversen, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Physical Therapy, Northeastern University, spoke on “Winning Strategies for Managing Osteoarthritis.” Dr. Iverson reviewed several important concepts in managing osteoarthritis, such as protecting your joints and using adaptive equipment to stay active. She emphasized the importance of keeping physically active and offered may suggestions about how to stay physically active. Dr. Iversen noted that many research studies have demonstrated that exercise can have the same benefits as some medications in reducing pain and other symptoms.

Julie Keysor talks at the Consumer Forum

Julie Keysor

Finally, Julie Keysor, Director of the Center for Enhancing Activity and Participation (ENACT) at Boston University’s Sargent College joined Alveta Haynes in a panel discussion titled “It Worked for Me! Real-live Stories about Thriving with Osteoarthritis.” Both shared stories about how they learned to live with arthritis and how they stay active. All participants received pedometers that they can use to measure how many steps they take each day with a goal of striving to increase the number of steps they take.

Judith Levine talks at the Consumer Forum Judith Levine

Judith Levine, Arthritis Foundation (AF): “This was the first of a series of consumer forms that ENACT and the Arthritis Foundation will be offering in the Boston area, targeting minority and underserved communities in particular. What a great way to start! Dr. Thompson and Dr. Iversen both gave superb talks, full of useful information. Our colleague Alveta Haynes—who’s a member of the Peoples Baptist Church as well as an Arthritis Foundation volunteer and member of the ENACT advisory board–not only paved the way for us to hold the program at PBC and did a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but was a wonderful host for the event. She and Julie Keysor were both down-to-earth and inspirational as co-panelists telling their own stories of living with OA.  Thank you to Alveta, Julie and all the ENACT staff, and everyone else who made the program happen. I look forward to our next program! ”


Participant quotes:

Selma Johnson: “I learned that I have to do more to manage my arthritis. I will try to exercise more and manage my pain so that I can stay active.”
Lucille Lewis: “I’m going to start an exercise program. I’ll use the stairs instead of the elevator. I’m going to start slowly and just keep working on doing a little more every day.”

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