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Welcome to the ENACT Summer 2012 Newsletter

May 18th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed

Julie KeysorJulie Keysor

This newsletter describes two exciting initiatives that ENACT launched this Spring.  As part of our Interact with ENACT program area, we distributed the first of our Active Living with Arthritis Podcasts.  This podcast series can serve as a valuable resource for clinicians and persons living with arthritis. We hope you will check out the podcasts and look forward to your feedback.  ENACT has also partnered with a local community health group to promote active living in our communities and this collaboration evolved into an exciting walking program.  The success of this project energized the participants and our team at ENACT to do more. The energy mobilizing this group is fabulous.  This Spring ENACT also welcomed a new doctoral student and strengthened our communication team.

We hope that you will be interested in learning more about ENACT.  Please read our newsletter, check out our website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Julie Keysor, PhD, PT

Director, ENACT

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Interact with ENACT: ENACT Introduces a New Resource for Clinicians and People with Arthritis

May 18th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed


We are pleased to announce the recent release of the first installment of the Active Living with Arthritis podcast series. Initiated by DPT candidate Sara Crandall, ENACT Director Dr. Julie Keysor, and Boston University Clinical Professor of Occupational Therapy Dr. Karen Jacobs, the series offers a unique delivery of evidence-based information designed to promote activity and wellness among those living with rheumatic conditions such as arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, and fibromyalgia.

These podcasts use an engaging, conversational format to summarize key finding s from research studies in rheumatology that examine the effects of staying active.  The overall goal of the series is to generate a mechanism for people with arthritis and related conditions get the information they need to maintain active lifestyles.  These podcasts provide a valuable resource for clinicians and medical practitioners and people living with arthritis.  ENACT hopes that clinicians will begin to use the podcasts in practice with their patients as a means to foster conversation about potential barriers to remaining active.

New podcasts will be released on a monthly basis and are available on the ENACT website, on iTunes, and through an RSS subscription to ENACT.  Please contact Ms. Elizabeth Simpson at for more information.

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ENACT Welcomes Pre-Doctoral Fellow Radhika Kelkar, MS, PT

May 18th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed

ENACT is excited to welcome pre-doctoral fellow, Radhika Kelkar, MS, PT to its training program. Radhika, who joins pre-doctoral fellows Aileen Ledingham and Rawan AlHeresh, came to ENACT in January 2012. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physiotherapy from Maharashta University and Mumbai University, respectively.

In conjunction with her studies in India, Radhika developed her interest in academic research. To complete her B.S., Radhika conducted a qualitative study to reveal insights about trends in the wellness and quality of life of Indian women. Additionally, she assisted in an assessment of the effects of the use of an exercise ball to alleviate symptoms for persons with chronic back pain. Finally, Radhika contributed to physical therapy research by conducting a cross-sectional study designed to fine-tune measurement of the individual components of walking in Get-Up-and-Go assessments.

Radhika will study at Boston University in the Doctor of Sciences in Rehabilitation Sciences program.  She states that having the opportunity to expand her ability to conduct research as a primary motivation for applying to ENACT’s doctoral fellowship program.  In particular, Radhika is interested in conducting research on osteoarthritis due to the high prevalence and a critical need to improve adherence to clinical recommendations for activity levels. Radhika looks forward to having an opportunity to share her research findings and mobilize students as a university-level professor in the future.

Radhika’s commitment to continuing her own education is an asset to ENACT as well as to her patients. She has completed workshops to further her practice in multiple areas, including peripheral joint and spine mobilization and the use of yoga in fitness. These experiences broadened her expertise to better inform her previous clinical practice, and honed the skills that she now brings to ENACT. Of Radhika, her mentor Dr. Julie Keysor says, “We are delighted to have Radhika join our team. Her passion to develop innovative rehabilitation interventions to minimize functional impairments is a great fit with our Center, and we look forward to her contributions to our group and the field of rheumatological rehabilitation.”

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ENACT’s New Communications Team

May 18th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed

In keeping with ENACT’s interdisciplinary approach to research, training and outreach activities, two graduate students from Boston University’s School of Public Health and College of Communications recently joined ENACT’s team.  Under the guidance of Director of Dissemination, Dr. Mary Slavin, Liz and Michelle coordinate ENACT’s communication activities, including newsletters, website development, and the effective integration of social media.


Liz Simpson (right) joined ENACT as center administrator in September 2011. She is currently completing a master’s degree in Community Health Sciences.  Her interests in active aging and research led her to meet with Dr. Julie Keysor, ENACT Center Director, who offered the opportunity to work in a position which combined these interests with public health considerations.  Michelle Carpenter (left), Master’s candidate in Advertising Studies, brought her previous experience working with quality of life non-profit agencies to ENACT in March 2012.  She is pursuing an advanced degree with an emphasis in Creative Strategy and enjoys applying her studies in a practical setting as ENACT’s new communications coordinator.

Together, Liz and Michelle are an energetic team, committed to bringing ENACT’s academic and clinical expertise to professionals in the field of rehabilitation and to persons living with arthritis.

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Spotlight on Community Activism-ENACT Advisory Board Member Alveta Haynes

May 18th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed

picAlveta Haynes (at far left) is an outstanding member of ENACT’s consumer advisory board. Her firsthand experience living with arthritis, together with her wealth of experience working with community health initiatives and her energetic passion for mobilizing people to improve their health, are just a few of the reasons why Alveta is an excellent resource for ENACT.

Alveta is acutely aware of the health disparities faced by minorities, especially with respect to diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. As a person living with arthritis, she sees the value in taking a holistic, positive approach to improving her health, rather than merely focusing on the challenges.  Because of this unique and shared focus on enablement over limitation, ENACT and Alveta formed a natural partnership in their mutual quest to address health disparities among older African-American adults in Boston.

Most recently, Alveta played a crucial role in organizing local community members to improve their daily walking by spearheading the Walking for Wellness initiative at Peoples Baptist church in Roxbury. When Pastor Wesley A. Roberts expressed an interest in developing a health ministry at the church, Alveta was inspired to help design a faith-based walking program that would improve the walking habits of participants even beyond the completion of the challenge. With a small grant, church members were outfitted with walking kits that included pedometers, water bottles, backpacks and walking logs to keep track of their daily steps.  Armed with the resources and information provided through the Arthritis Foundation, New England Region and ENACT, this determined group met and exceeded its original goal.

“There is an exciting new energy for walking and ‘realistic’ good health programming at Peoples Baptist,” says Alveta. Since the Walking for Wellness campaign was so successful, Alveta and ENACT are excited to move this project forward. We hope to broaden the project’s scope to more members. ENACT is fortunate to have Alveta Haynes as a collaborator and advisor in our consumer outreach program area.  Her creativity and energy are true assets to initiatives in community health.

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A Fond Farewell to Cindy Mann

May 18th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed

This month, ENACT bids farewell to visiting scholar Cindy Mann, RN.  Cindy will be returning to her home in the United Kingdom to pursue educational opportunities at the doctoral level.  We would like to thank Cindy for her contributions during her time at ENACT and acknowledge her accomplishments.

During her time here with ENACT, Cindy has completed two articles.  One of them, “Recognizing and Meeting the Needs of People with Osteoarthritis in the Community” has been accepted for publication in the UK journal Primary Health Care and aims to increase recognition of osteoarthritis symptoms and resulting needs as well as raise awareness of the impact visiting nurses can have on quality of care.  The second, which is currently being reviewed, is titled “Enhancing recruitment processes in a single-site randomized controlled trial using Internal Peer-review of Recruiting to a Trial (InterPReT)” and is about using peer review to improve ways in which recruiters convey study information and ensure fully informed consent from potential participants.

Of Cindy’s time here, center director Dr. Julie Keysor says “Cindy has made great contributions to ENACT as our research studies got underway, and it was a true pleasure to have her as part of our team. Her publication productivity while she was here is impressive and we wish her all the best as she moves forward with her career.”
Cindy notes, “I really want to thank everyone at ENACT, and especially Dr Keysor, for making this such an enjoyable and productive time for me. It’s been great to interact with all the energetic and talented people working here and catch their enthusiasm. I will certainly take that home with me and keep the connection. I wish you all the best in the great work you are doing and look forward to hearing about the results.”

Cindy, you have all our best wishes here at ENACT.  Good luck in your future endeavors!

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Walking for Wellness

May 17th, 2012 in May 2012 Newsletter, News Feed

On March 11th, 2012, ENACT Director Julie Keysor, Ph.D. presented the Peoples Baptist Church of Roxbury with a plaque to celebrate its success in mobilizing members to engage in a “walk for wellness” program as a strategy for remaining active, despite having a diagnosis of arthritis. This program was implemented with information presented by ENACT and the Arthritis Foundation, New England Region. Members of the Peoples Baptist Church participated in educational and motivational activities focused on active living with arthritis.

The group of walkers, organized by church member Sister Alveta Haynes, used pedometers and walking logs to record their daily steps, striving for an initial goal of 5 million steps in a four-month period. The group successfullyWalkers_22p surpassed their goal by taking 6 million steps collectively, a distance approximately equal to walking from Boston to Philadelphia and back.

The project was so effective in promoting individual and community wellness that collaborators are planning “next steps” and working on ways to expand and grow this exciting initiative.

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