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February 12th, 2013

ENACT’s partnership with the Arthritis Foundation continues to enhance ENACT’s vision to offer community programming that has an impact on the lives of people with arthritis.  ENACT’s Community Programming area conducted and participated in several educational, motivational, and supportive arthritis events in the Boston area over the summer and fall.  Most recently, ENACT sponsored an educational community forum titled “Managing Fatigue and Pain from Arthritis, Lupus, and Scleroderma,” which was held at the Boston University School of Medicine on November 3rd, 2012.  For this event, ENACT collaborated with the local chapters of the Arthritis Foundation, Lupus Foundation, and Scleroderma Foundation to provide local area members of these organizations with information on how to manage fatigue and pain, both common side effects of these chronic OTstudents_AFwalk 2012_captionrheumatic conditions.  Individuals attending the forum found the speakers knowledgeable and motivating.  Attendees agreed that they learned valuable strategies for addressing fatigue and pain.  Many observed that they will do things differently and will incorporate suggestions such as “planning my day differently to have more energy” and “start making goals and keeping a journal” into their day.

Two additional community forums, co-sponsored by ENACT and the Arthritis Foundation, were offered in Dorchester, MA and Newton, MA. The presentations, titled “Arthritis and You: Can we Talk?”, focused on expanding individual knowledge about medical management of arthritis and the tangible benefits of physical activity.

ENACT also participated at the Arthritis Expo (2013 Boston date scheduled for March 23!),which was held in July at the University of Massachusetts.  At this event, ENACT had an informational table and worked to keep up with a constant stream of attendees who had good questions about their experiences living with arthritis.  ENACT’s Director, Dr. Julie Keysor, spoke at this event and her talk, “Osteoarthritis: Medical Management, Movement and You,” was well received by the audience.  ENACT’s Associate Director Dr. Saralynn Allaire and Dr. Kristin Baker, ENACT Research Scientist, spent the day providing individual consultation to participants seeking advice from  the Expert’s Corner.

The annual Boston Arthritis Walk on September 19th had a large contingent from ENACT and our collaborators at Boston University Arthritis Center/Rheumatology and Boston University’s College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College.  ENACT and students from Sargent College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and Occupational Therapy Program offered educational information and basic posture screenings, stretches, and adaptive equipment demonstrations.

We are looking forward to continuing our collaborations with the New England chapter of the Arthritis Foundation to bring educational and motivational resources and information to people living with rheumatic conditions.  Keep an eye out for upcoming community events in your area!

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