Interact with ENACT: The NEW Arthritis Answers Podcast Series

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December 19th, 2011

Sara Crandall, candidate for a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Boston University, initiated our podcast series, Active Living with Arthritis.  Look for the following podcasts as we develop our “Interact with ENACT” program area:

  • Top Ten Reasons to Exercise with Arthritis

  • Ready to Move with Arthritis: Things to Know Before You Lace Up Your Sneakers,

  • Guidelines Guidance: What to Do, How Much to Do, and How Hard to Work When Exercising with Arthritis

  • Bumps in the Road Part 1: Finding the Time for Exercise

  • Bumps in the Road Part 2: Finding the Place for Exercise.

Sara’s podcasts for ENACT bring evidence-based information to adults with arthritis seeking to learn how they can initiate and sustain active lives. In these podcasts, Sara adeptly highlights physical activity benefits and guidelines yet recognizes that sustaining physically active lifestyles can be quite challenging for people with chronic painful conditions. The podcasts provide innovative ideas for overcoming common barriers and hopes to generate a mechanism for people with arthritis and related conditions to maintain active lifestyles.

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