The Reggie Lewis Center’s Sensational Seniors get a Sensational Work-out!

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December 19th, 2011

Three New Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructors for the Community

Congratulations to Stefanie Howlett, Janice Chen, and Laura Furey – candidates for the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Boston University – for their new Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program certification. ENACT continued its partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, New England Region through implementation of a new exercise class at The Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center (RLC) located in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  Stefanie, Janice, and Laura implemented this innovative 14-week exercise program for the Sensational Seniors group at the RLC.  Ms. Cheryl McDermott, Fitness Coordinator at the RLC, provided guidance and support to the students while they implemented the AFEP.  Many thanks to the Arthritis Foundation and Cheryl for supporting these activities!

The Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center strives to optimize health and fitness among children and elders in Boston urban communities. The Sensational Seniors are a vibrant group of older adults striving for good health, strong muscles and bones, and active living. They truly are SENSATIONAL! Stefanie, Janice and Laura loved working with them and are very grateful for the wonderful experience they provided. ENACT hopes to continue collaborating with institutions such as the RLC to provide opportunities in activity enhancement as we continue our community outreach activities

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