ENACT Welcomes Visiting Scientist from the UK

in News Feed, Winter 2011 Newsletter
December 19th, 2011

Cindy Mann, RN, MSc recently joined ENACT as a visiting research scientist from the United Kingdom.  Cindy brings both a clinical research and a nursing background to ENACT. While at ENACT, she will investigate interventions aimed at strengthening the role of primary care nurses in arthritis intervention and rehabilitation.

Cindy’s nursing career has focused on primary care and she has specialized in rheumatology practice. Her research is focused on rheumatologic and musculoskeletal conditions with the goal of improving care for people with arthritis at the primary and specialist care levels.

ENACT’s Training Program Director, Dr. David Felson, encouraged Cindy to join ENACT as a visiting scientist.  Based on her strong research and clinical background, she found that her interests matched well with ENACT’s focus on research and rehabilitation for improving the lives of persons with rheumatologic conditions.

Cindy is currently working on a grant application to investigate the potential role of nurses in improving arthritis care.  This grant will support her pursuit of a doctoral degree.  The focus of the grant is to train nurses to run osteoarthritis clinics in primary care settings.  Currently, in the UK, persons with osteoarthritis receive care from general practitioners.  Patients are rarely referred to specialists until joint replacement is required.  As a result, there is tremendous variability in the quality and levels of care.  Nurses who complete Cindy’s training program would provide patients with expert, evidence-based information and support from the time of diagnosis, instead of waiting until there is a crisis.

The overall aim of the Cindy’s proposed research is to reduce the restriction of daily activities people with osteoarthritis often experience, which aligns with ENACT’s mission.  We welcome Cindy’s expertise and are pleased to support her work to advance arthritis interventions during her tenure as ENACT’s visiting research scientist.

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