Why the Program in EM&T?


Photo by Shweta Krishnan

Although educational technology is not a new field and has a rich and informative if little known history, it is far younger than more established disciplines such as history, mathematics, science, and language studies. Still, we can ask: what field today has more potential to increase and improve the productivity of teaching and learning than educational technology? Working in partnership with our colleagues in all the academic disciplines, we believe that the knowledge and skill gained by studying in our program has the potential to enrich, expand, and improve education in particular and society in general. Although students in educational media and technology need to achieve mastery over technical subjects such as modern software, networks, digital video, and many other technologies, our focus is on the design, implementation, and evaluation of technology-based resources that support teaching and learning. In this sense, we focus in part on design that may be applied to any technology and as such, may transcend the particular technology of the day.  Good methods of use promoting constructive and interactive design for learning help us to transcend the particulars of any hardware or software.

Our graduates are scholars and practitioners who teach others, research effectiveness, and design technology resources guided by research and history. Many students work as partners with scholars and practitioners in other fields to bring effective design to any and all fields of learning. Our students learn to make judgments on why, how, and when technology may be used most effectively in education.

Our focus on design for education, our focus on subjects that will improve and enhance peoples lives and civilization, and our focus on technology as a moral and social issue about which decisions and choices can and should be made, set our study in the right context for meaningful learning and careers.