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Integrated. Intimate. Immediate.

Open new doors and challenge what's possible with the BU Executive MBA program. Our executive schedule minimizes the number of weekdays on campus, so you accelerate your career while earning your MBA.

What you study is immediately applicable to the way you do business. You’ll bring new skills, new techniques, and new value to your organization from the start. And your colleagues – in EMBA and in your organization – will be eager to learn from you.

Intensive and thorough, rigorous and broad-ranging, the Boston University EMBA program is designed for mid-career leaders and professionals. We offer the flexibility you want, the campus time you need, and the network and faculty you trust. Catapult yourself to the next level with the BU EMBA. What lies ahead will astound you.

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“Before I entered the EMBA program I was in VP level positions in a number of software companies. And I learned a lot in those roles, but I was a little surprised when I joined the EMBA program to find out how much I didn’t know. That was an ’aha’ moment for me.” -Rick Welch, EMBA Alumnus, BU Adjunct Faculty and
Small Business Entrepreneur