The Boston University Student Elections Commission is a student group dedicated to the fair elections of the undergraduate Student Government. It is our responsibility to facilitate these elections through the regulation of candidates, planning of events, and administration of voting platforms



# of votes Candidate
1953 Yes (BU Should Divest)
638 No (BU should not divest)


# of votes Candidate
1352 Andrew Cho
798 Austin Kruger
483 Nicole Simons

Executive Vice President

# of votes Candidate
1276 Mel Finau
744 Matthew Sgrignari
530 Barron Roth

VP of Financial Affairs

# of votes Candidate
1235 Kimberly Barzola
904 Gabriela Medeiros
455 Joshua Lee

VP of Internal Affairs

# of votes Candidate
1293 Marwa Sayed
840 Tim Geraghty
451 Noah McAskill