The Boston University Student Elections Commission is a student group dedicated to the fair elections of the undergraduate Student Government. It is our responsibility to facilitate these elections through the regulation of candidates, planning of events, and administration of voting platforms.

Election Timeline:

Candidate Intent Form Deadline: Saturday, March 3rd @ 1 A.M.

Voting: Monday, March 19 @ 9 A.M. – Monday, March 26 @ 12 P.M.

Vote now on the BU Student Link!

Election Events: 

Meet and Greet: Monday, March 12 @ 12 P.M. – 2 P.M. Location: GSU Link

Debate: Wednesday, March 14 @ 7:30 P.M. Location: PHO 206

Press Conference: Thursday, March 15th @ 7:30 P.M. Location: GSU Back Court

Announcement Dinner: Tuesday, March 27, location and time TBD