Learning from the Past

Understanding laboratory accidents and incidents that have happened within the BU community will help us take action to prevent recurrence and to learn from the past.   The intent of the following report summaries is to provide information & transparency to the BU research community for recent and past incidents. If you have an incident you’d like to report, please review Available Sources of Help.

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 Incidents at BU 6/1/2011- 8/30/2011

Lab Safety Incidents around the Country

Current In the News

Chemical ExplosionResulted in serious injury to lab tech.M.Bovis  BCG laboratory spill  due to improper use of  a centrifuge

Video  Experimenting with Danger –  A video from the Chemical Safety Board regarding university laboratory incidents, follow up, and corrective actions.

Salmonella – exposures brought from the lab into the home

Hazmat -response for a hydrogen fluoride exposure

Aluminum etching incident– explosion cuases injury to student

Safety Catch– Behavior in the lab

Safety Survey– Lab Risks

Check back soon for new case studies that we can learn from!