For Students On and Off Campus

The safety of all our students is of the utmost concern to Boston University. Although the condition of privately-owned off-campus apartments is not the University’s responsibility, our concern remains the same. When deciding on an apartment, you should ask certain hard questions of a prospective landlord. Is there a smoke alarm? Is there access to more than one exit? These are key considerations, just like rent and location. It is also crucial that you know your responsibilities as you and your roommates run a household, perhaps for your first time.

Students living on campus have the benefit of the University’s stringent and effective fire-safety precautions, but they are just as responsible for knowing campus fire-safety procedures and regulations.

All students should keep certain safety precautions in mind. It may sound melodramatic now, but please take a few minutes to read the tips below — you may save your own life or the lives of your friends.

Watch the following video to see how quickly fire can spread

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  • Fire Safety at a Glance

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  • Quick Facts

    • A fire breaks out in a home every 83 seconds, and someone dies in a residential fire every 143 minutes.
    • Most of the victims in residential fires were killed by smoke, not burn injuries.
    • Smoking is the leading cause of residential fatal fire deaths.
    • Candles are the leading cause of fires started by college students.
    • 40% of the fatal fire victims did not wake up before being killed.
    • 74% percent of the residential fire deaths take place in homes where there are no working smoke alarms.
  • 9 Fires Video

    Watch the 9 Fires Video by the Minger Foundation regarding the impact of campus fires including those impacting the Boston University community.

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