Building Specific Plans

Boston University has developed building specific evacuation plans for larger buildings to ensure a complete understanding of procedures to follow when there is a situation leading up to the possibility of an evacuation.

Potential evacuation could be caused by, but not limited to: fire, biological threat, bomb threat, flood, gas leak, or building system malfunctions. Evacuation is mandatory when the fire alarm system for the building is activated, or initiated by the Boston University Police Department (BUPD), BUMC Public Safety, Boston Police Department (BPD), Boston Fire Department (BFD), or other recognized authorities.

An effective evacuation requires the cooperative efforts of various departments and city agencies including, Physical Plant, Boston University Police and/or BUMC Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, Boston Fire Department and Boston Police Department. A cooperative effort is also necessary from the building occupants. This plan assigns duties and responsibilities to particular individuals involved with the evacuation process, which is critical to a quick and smooth evacuation.

The plan also describes the fire alarm system and egress routes to educate building occupants and those involved in emergency evacuation.

This plan contains emergency phone numbers, many of which can be found in the Safety/Emergency Instruction chart mounted on the wall in the main administrative area of each department. The emergency chart contains basic instructions for various safety scenarios including fire, bomb threat, and natural disaster