In addition to the general fire evacuation plans (ACES and RACE), Environmental Health and Safety has created building specific evacuation plans for many buildings on both the Charles River Campus (CRC) and the Boston University Medical Center (BUMC). At BMC, the Office of Emergency Preparedness has developed many department specific plans and are available on the BMC Intranet.

Additional evacuation information can be found by viewing the CRC or BUMC Emergency Flipcharts.  These documents provide information on how to respond to, and who to contact for specific emergency situations.

Boston University Medical Center also provides new employees with ID sized RACE plans that should be worn with your employee ID card.  This card has important phone numbers as well as a description of the RACE steps.

For additional emergency evacuation procedures and planning please contact Environmental Health and Safety at the Charles River Campus: (617)353-4094. Or, at the Boston University Medical Center: (617) 638-8830.