Electrical Safety

Electrical devices must be properly grounded: 3-prong or double insulated.

Electrical devices must be UL approved or similar approval.

If working near water, use designated GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupted) outlets.

If damaged, remove the device from service immediately.

Never use “cheaters” (convert 3-prong to 2-prong plugs).

Disconnect any electrical/medical device that: Throws sparks • Blows a fuse • Gives even the slightest shock

Notify your supervisor and others in the immediate area.

Call the Control Center at 617 -638-4144 or your vendor for repairs.

Check cords/devices for frayed or bare wires, or other defects prior to use.

Avoid using extension cords.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance.

BMC (Hospital) staff – reference Clinical Engineering’s web site

Hospital Patient Equipment – contact Clinical Engineering at 617 -638-6061 or 617 414-4692.

Never operate clinical equipment without proper training.

Attach tag/note: “Do Not Use”, or a Broken Equipment Tag for BMC patient care equipment.

Incidents involving patient equipment must be reported through the STARS Incident Reporting System on the BMC Intranet.