Laser User Training/Registration

As with any operation that can be dangerous, training is required of all individuals that have the possibility to be exposed to laser emissions approaching regulatory limits. At Boston University and Boston University Medical Center these “laser users” are defined not only as an individual who utilizes a laser in the normal scope of their job function, research, or studies but additionally in any ancillary or incidental fashion.

All laser users must attend an introductory laser safety course prior to using or otherwise working within a laser lab, with subsequent annual refresher training(s). Finally, since each laser system and lab provides a unique set of hazards, specific SOP training(s) must be performed on a case by case basis by lab supervisors to ensure the safe operation of these devices.

Please forward any training or safety concerns to the LSO or otherwise contact the Division of Medical Physics & Radiation Safety.

Please ensure all current and new staff complete:
  1. Laser Training
  2. Laser User Certification Form
  3. Laser Permit Amendment updating “Users”