Safety Showers

The emergency safety shower provides a means to remove gross chemical contamination from the body or to extinguish a fire on the body.  Laboratory personnel should follow the guidelines set forth for using the safety shower.

Emergency safety showers are inspected annually to ensure they meet appropriate standards and regulations.  On the Charles River Campus, EHS oversees the annual inspection. On the Medical Campus, safety showers are inspected by the Office of Faculties Management. Repairs on both campuses are conducted by the Office of Facilities Management.

Emergency safety showers should be clearly marked and kept free from obstructions.

In the event of a fire on the body, implement the ACES or RACE fire plan, as appropriate.  The laboratory worker should activate the safety shower and stand under the water flow until the fire is extinguished, then seek medical attention.

In the event of gross chemical contamination on the body, the laboratory worker should remove contaminated clothing, activate the safety shower, and stand under the water for a minimum of 15 minutes, then seek medical attention.