Fire Extinguishers and Blankets

Some laboratories are provided with fire blankets.  Fire blankets are only required in the event the laboratory works with flammable materials, but no safety shower is available.  The laboratory is responsible for maintaining fire blankets.

Fire extinguishers are provided to laboratories in the event a fire blocks a means of egress and the laboratory worker must fight a fire to save his or her own life.  No laboratory worker is expected or required to use a fire extinguisher except to escape a life-threatening situation.

Fire extinguishers are inspected annually and replaced as needed.  The Office of Facilities Management (OFM) manages the installation, inspection, and replacement of fire extinguishers.

Laboratories should have the appropriate class of extinguisher for the fire hazards in the laboratory.  In general, a class BC or class ABC extinguisher is appropriate.  In some instances, this extinguisher is supplemented with a class D fire extinguisher, as required.
Laboratory personnel are trained on the various classes of fires and basic fire extinguisher use in annual Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste Management Training.