Laboratory Relocation of Hazardous Materials

Laboratory Relocation

Environmental Health and Safety has developed the “Guidance for Laboratory Relocation
of Hazardous Materials” document to assist all BU personnel involved in the relocation
of hazardous laboratory materials such as Radioactive Materials, Hazardous Chemicals,
Biological Materials and Controlled Substances to ensure that all such materials are
relocated in a safe and compliant manner. This document contains checklists which
details a step-by-step processes addressing the communication and interaction between
all parties involved in the relocation process.

This document was designed to be used as a guide to assist relocating hazardous
materials between campuses, between two different buildings, or within the same
building. The EHS Department Safety Adviser assigned to your laboratory can help
customize the contents of this document to meet the needs of a particular move. For more
information please contact your Departmental Safety Adviser in EHS.