Research Safety


Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides a full range of environmental, health, and safety services to the Boston University and Boston Medical Center communities.  The Research Safety Division provides training, conducts inspections and evaluations, and implements various programs in laboratories on both campuses.  Subject areas include fire and life safety, chemical safety, biological safety, radiation safety, industrial hygiene and environmental management.  The Research Safety Division strives to provide a safe laboratory environment and to ensure compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations in all areas of environmental health and safety.

Laboratory Safety Polices and Reports

Boston University Biosafety Manual

Boston University Exposure Control Plan

Research Safety Management Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Lab Safety Newsletter Online!

EHS publishes a quarterly Lab Safety Newsletter to update the BU Community on safety topics surrounding our research! Please click here for an electronic version of the newsletter.

New for 2013Autoclave Safety Guidelines and Dryer and Oven Safety Guidelines