Emergency Closings Policy

The Provost and the Senior Vice President for Operations will determine if, and when, individual buildings or services at Boston University will close, and what staffing levels are required. Decisions will be made specific to each campus.

The Medical Campus generally does not close during emergency situations, but may reduce its activities as appropriate to the situation.

In the event that weather or other emergency conditions warrant the cancellation of evening classes, attempts will be made to have a decision made and distributed early enough to not have students, faculty, and staff traveling in hazardous conditions.

In the event that weather or other emergency conditions warrant the all-day closing, delayed opening, or early closing, Human Resources will notify all Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors so that they may pass the information on to their employees. Information on the status of University operations will also be distributed through the news media, University websites, and on the emergency phone lines:

Boston University (both campuses): 617- 353-S-N-O-W (7669)

Boston University Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center: 617-638-6886

Boston University Charles River Campus: 617-358-7233


Emergency Response Planning manages and updates the Emergency Information Line at 617-638-6886, 617-358-7233, and on the Emergency Communications Web Page, which includes current information on the status of classes, patient care schedules, parking facilities, and relevant building, grounds, and transportation issues. The weather lines and web site are activated in the event of a current or planned cancellation of classes or other activities.

Authorized members of the Boston University administration will notify Emergency Response Planning regarding changes to the normal operating procedures for the University. Emergency Response Planning will update both the Emergency Information Line and the web page as necessary.

Announcements and information regarding cancellation of classes or patient appointments will be made between the hours of 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. on the following radio and television stations:


WBZ 1030 AM

WBZ-TV Channel 4

WCVB-TV Channel 5

WHDH-TV Channel 7

WFXT-TV Channel 25

WLVI-TV Channel 56

The above radio and television stations are the only stations authorized to announce closings and delayed openings.

Boston University considers certain employees to be essential. The determination of ‘essential’ versus ‘non-essential’ personnel is made on a case-by-case basis by department heads depending on the needs of the University.

In the event that the weather conditions or other emergency situations warrant ongoing incident management, Boston University administration will activate a command center operating under the direction of an Incident Commander.

The command center telephone number is 617-638-6860 for the medical campus and 617-353-1234 for the Charles River Campus.

Please see the Incident Command Structure for more details.