Symposia and Poster Sessions

Boston University Participants - Laura Le, Andrew Eng, Jaho King, Maria Abate, and Robert Abdu

Emily Rose and Heather Masonjones, University of Tampa

John Godwin, Organizer - Genes, Brains, and Behavior Symposium

The Fish Bioacoustics Symposium

Awards and Closing Remarks

Student award winners - Naomi Gardiner and Camille Leblanc with Miles Keenleyside (Invited Chair, Cichlid Symposium) and David L.G. Noakes (Cichlid Symposium Co-organizer)

Skuli Skulason and Bjarni Jonnson, EEEF 2004 Iceland Program Committee

Maria Abate, EEEF 2008 Host and Chair, Scientific Program Committee

New England Aquarium Banquet

Anthony Mazeroll, 2006 EEEF Host, Soka University with Ann Cleveland

Boston University's Les Kaufman and Phil Lobel (Co-organizers Biodiversity Symposium) Briana Brown and Katie Kovitvongsa with EEEF symposia authors

Jennifer Nielsen, Miles Keenleyside, and Ken McKaye

Ron Coleman (right), Co-organizer, Barlow Symposium, Andrew Hendry, Samantha Hilber, Astrid Kodric-Brown, Doug Fraser

Scott Pavey, EEEF 2010 Host, Simon Frasier U., Vancouver

Sigal Balshine (top right) Co-organizer Barlow Symposium, with participants from around the globe