The Sacred Cod

The Sacred Cod is a wood carving of Gadus morhua that has hung in the seat of Massachusetts government since 1747 before the American Revolution. The carving shown here dates from 1784 is most likely the third. The first carving in the Old State House was destroyed in a fire in 1747. Its replacement disappeared early in the Revolution. After the war, the new Massachusetts legislature took up replacing the lost symbolic cod. On March 17th 1784, John Rowe of Boston in the Hall of Representatives at the Old State House offered the motion that "leave might be given to hang up the representation of a Cod Fish in the room where the House sit, as a memorial of the importance of the Cod-Fishery to the welfare of this Commonwealth, as had been usual formerly." The new carving was installed in the House chambers later in 1784 and moved to the current State House building in 1798 and has remained there ever since with the exception of the 1933 codnapping.

Photo courtesy of Mark Kasianowicz, Massachusetts State House Photographer, January 2008.
Thank you to Massachusetts Representative Cory Atkins and her staff
for their assistance in providing this photo for the EEEF 2008 Logo.

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