It’s all about the platform!

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May 21st, 2013

One year after Harvard University and MIT launched edX, a $60 million initiative in which colleges offer online classes at no charge, the not-for-profit company announced today that it is doubling the number of participating universities, including the
Berklee College of Music and Boston University.  EdX said that 15 higher education institutions are joining the initiative from four continents, bringing the total number of schools to 27. Based in Cambridge, edX has more than 900,000 people using its platform and currently offers about 50 courses.

Azer Bestavros, co-chair of BU’s council on educational technology and learning innovation, said the university was drawn to edX because unlike its competitors, edX is not-for-profit, meaning BU can more easily adjust the platform to fi its needs. “We think it is a good fit, the fact that it is non-profit, and pushing the technology to make the residential experience better, and the freedom to use the platform in the way that makes sense for our institution trumped all other considerations,” he said.

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