Department Working Papers – 2003

Working Papers Listed by Author

Working Papers Listed by Year:

49) “Pro-Poor Targeting and Accountability of Local Governments in West Bengal”
Pranab Bardhan, Dilip Mookherjee (, December 2003
48) “Moonlighting: Public Service and Private Practice”
Gary Biglaiser, Ching-To Albert Ma (, December 2003
47) “Consumption And Saving Under Knightian Uncertainty”
Jianjun Miao (, Dec 2003
46) “Risk, Uncertainty, And Option Execise”
Jianjun Miao (, Neng Wang, Dec 2003
45) “Distribution of Ability and Earnings in a Hierarchical Job Assignment Model”
Costrell Robert , Glenn C. Loury (, Dec 2003
44) “Decentralization And Accountability In Infrastructure Delivery In Developing Countries “
Pranab Bardhan, Dilip Mookherjee (, Nov 2003 (Figure)
43) “Provetry Alleviation Effort Of West Bengal Panchayats”
Pranab Bardhan, Dilip Mookherjee (, Nov 2003
42) “Tax Administration Reform And Taxpayer Compliance In India”
Arindam Das-Gupta, Shanto Ghosh, Dilip Mookherjee (, Nov 2003 (Figure, Table)
41) “Public Enterprises And Labor Market Performance”
Johannes Horner, L. Rachel Ngai, Claudia Olivetti (, Nov 2003
40) “On Optimal Rules Of Persuasion”
Jacob Glazer (, Ariel Rubinstein, Nov 2003
39) “The Ethics of Racial Egalitarianism in the United States”
Glenn C. Loury (, Nov 2003
38) “Racial Stigma: Toward a New Paradigm for Discrimination Theory”
Glenn C. Loury (, Nov 2003
37) “Color-Blind Affirmative Action”
Roland G Fryer Jr, Glenn C. Loury (, Tolga Yuret, October 2003 *NBER Working Paper#10103
36) “Categorical Redistribution In Winner-Take-All Markets”
Roland G Fryer Jr, Glenn C. Loury (, October 2003 *NBER Working Paper#10104
35) “What Should Consumers Be Told About Product Quality?”
Jacob Glazer (, Thomas G. McQuire, October 2003
34) “The Developed World’s Demographic Transition-The Role Of Capital Flows, Immigration, And Policy”
Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, October 2003
33) “The Impact On Consumption And Saving Of Current And Future Fiscal Policies”
Katherine Grace Carman, Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, September 2003
32) “Increased Investment, Lower Prices–The Fruits Of Past And Future Telecom Competition”
Kevin A. Hassett, Zoya Ivanova, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, September 2003
31) “The Organization Of Supplier Networks: Effects of Delegation And Intermediation”
Dilip Mookherjee (, Masatoshi Tsumagari, August 2003
30) “The Environment Impact of Poverty: Evidence From Firewood Collection In Rural Nepal”
Jean-Marie Baland, Pranab Bradhan, Sanghamitra Das, Dilip Mookherjee (, July 2003
29) “Delegation And Contracting Hierarchies: An Overview”
Dilip Mookherjee (, June 2003
28) “Alcohol Prohibition And Cirrhosis”
Anglea K. Dills, Jeffrey A. Miron (, June 2003
27) “The Effect of Drug Prohibition On Drug Prices: Evidence From The Markets For Cocaine And Heroin”
Jeffrey A. Miron (, May 2003
26) “Racial Discrimination In Labor Markets With Posted Wage Offer”
Kevin Lang (, May 2003
25) “Price Regulation Of Access To Telecommunications Networks”
Ingo Vogelsang (, April 2003
24) “Predictability And Predictiveness In Health Care Spending”
Randall P. Ellis (, Thomas G. McGuire, April 2003
23) “Consistency In Performance Evaluation Reports And Medical Records”
Mingshan Lu, Ching-To Albert Ma (, March 2003
22) “Multiplicity And Uniqueness In Dynamic Decision Problems”
Nicolas Vielle, Jorgen Weibull (, March 2003
21) “Selection in Medicare HMOs: Absence of Evidence from Aged Versus Disabled Payment Rates”
Randall P. Ellis (, Manuel Garcia Goni, March 2003
20) “External Constraints on Monetary Policy And The Financial Accelerator”
Mark Gertler, Simon Gilchrist (, Fabio Natalucci, March 2003
19) “Social Norms And Economic Incentives In Firms”
Steffen Huch, Dorothea Kubler, Jorgen Weibull (, March 2003
18) “Bertrand Competition With Intertemporal Demand”
Prajit Dutta, Alexander Matros, Jorgen Weibull (, March 2003
17) “Abilities, Budgets and Age: Inter-Generational Economic Mobility in Finland”
Robert E. B. Lucas (, Sari A. Pekkala, March 2003 (Figures 1,2,3,4,5,6) *IED Discussion Paper
16) “Foreign Direct Investment, Management Practices, and Social Capital: New Evidence on the Host Country Effects of Japanese Multinationals”
Peter B. Doeringer (, David Terkla, March 2003 *IED Discussion Paper
15) “Moonlighting: Public Service and Private Practice”
Gary Biglaiser, Ching-To Albert Ma (, December 2003
14) “The Effect Of The Payroll Tax On Earnings: A Test Of Competing Models Of Wage Determination”
Kevin Lang (, February 2003
13) “Wage Announcements With A Continuum Of Worker Types”
Kevin Lang (, Michael Manove (, February 2003
12) “The Distributive Impact of Privatization in Latin America: Evidence from Four Countries”
David McKenzie, Dilip Mookherjee (, February 2003 *IED Discussion Paper
11) “The Pricing Of Job Characteristics When Markets Do Not Clear: Theory And Policy Implications”
Kevin Lang (, Sumon Majumdar, February 2003
10) “Critical Values for Multiple Structural Change Tests”
Jushan Bai, Pierre Perron (, February 2003
09) “The Variance Ratio Test: An Analysis Of Size and Power based on a Continuous Time Asymptotic Framework”
Pierre Perron (, Cosme Vodounou, February 2003
08) “Tests of Return Predictability: An Analysis of Their Properties Based on a Continuous Time Asymptotic Framework”
Pierre Perron (, Cosme Vodounou, Feburary 2003
07) “Poverty Persistence And Design Of Anti-Poverty Policies”
Dilip Mookherjee (, Februrary 2003
06) “Does It Pay To Work?”
Jagadeesh Gokhale, Laurence J. Kotlikoff (, Alexi Sluchynsky, January 2003
05) “Finite Order Implications Of Common Priors”
Barton L. Lipman (, January 2003
04) “Trade Structure, Industrial Structure, and International Business Cycles”
Marianne Baxter (, Michael A. Kouparitsas, January 2003 *IED Discussion Paper
03) “What Attracts High Performance Factories? Management Culture and Regional Advantage”
Peter B. Doeringer (, Christine Evans-Klock, David Terkla, January 2003 *IED Discussion Paper
02) “From Farmers to Merchants: A Human Capital Interpretation of Jewish Economic History”
Maristella Botticini (, Zvi Eckstein, January 2003 *IED Discussion Paper
01) “Managed Care And Shadow Price”
Ching-To Albert Ma (, January 2003